Barbadian De-compression Jan 26- Feb 11, 2016

We're not beach people. Trish and I find beach culture monotonous. Getting sauted in the sun whilst under-sized speedos on oversized bellies strut around isn't exactly the height of culture. Just recently I skipped el cheapo beach destinations in Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and India. So why go to Barbados?  Well if you're asking, you don't live in Ottawa over the winter. Besides we have Mel (aka Old Spice) a buddy down there so free digs, yippee! And yes, after 4 plus months of travel I needed a bonafide vacation.

Barbados was once inhabited by Amerindians whom the Spaniards called Caribs, hence the term Caribbean. Raise your hands if you knew that, we sure didn't. Anyway the Spaniards had a hand in wiping out the native population in much of the Caribbean, leaving Barbados largely uninhabited until the English colonized it in 1625. For a while more English lived in the West Indies than the Americas.
Then they discovered how wonderful Barbadian sugar cane was. Bu…

Miami Nice: Jan 23-26, 2016

With the Canadian dollar under 70 cents to the Yankee greenback, Miami was only meant to be a 3 day pitstop between Mexico City and Barbados. 
5 million  ppl board these floating hedonist palaces each year in Miami, making it the world's busiest concentration of ppl named Ethel and Fred.
Miami Beach is a city and island separate from the City of Miami. The former was essentially a sandbar and swamp created in 1915 by the wealthy, for the wealthy, attracting civic role models like Al Capone. A hurricane in 1926 wiped out much of the area but the reconstruction took place at the height of the Art Deco period. 
Nowadays it's the world's largest concentration of such buildings with more than 800 constructed in the unique Miami Art Deco style with features such as: •3 distinct sections ( left, centre, right) and usually 3 floors.  • a zig zag roofline • symmetry and geometry --- the left half mirrors the right with ample use of clean, straight lines and or curves and round windows in …