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Indian Ass Kick Dec 03-dec 24, 2015

Be forewarned, this here lies the last, latest and longest post, covering all my India.... It's a well worn cliche that people go to India to find themselves.  I'd be happy to just find my ass, having been kicked around so much. India throws everything at you and takes no prisoners. You either love it or not. Let's just say I'm not in love. I have run the gauntlet of every survival instinct to fascination, to disgust, to enthralment to tears to wonder and then all over again. Kinda like some perverted rebirth reincarnation thing but I'm aware of that last pile of shit I just dodged. If you're doing India, don't do it like me. India is a journey onto itself. You need a clear head, a full tank and prep. For me,  It seemed like Trish and I had already summited in Japan. But then a fantastic solo in Myanmar cost me my last six shots. So when I arrived after an all too brief overnight in Bangkok, I was already spent, with no plans or itinerary, and in high season an…