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Epic Rome Sept 24-29, 2015

Epic view from our rented Pigneto apt:
Epic meltdown: It's a perfect storm---PMS, fatigue, nothing in the way of predictability and routines, late nights, food deprivation for long periods while we sight see, raucous noise, pollution, everybody around us smoking... Trish blows and has her customary trip meltdown. Then of course she feels guilty for holding me back. I think, "my God, 6 more weeks with her". The next day she remains in the apt. And rests. I must admit wandering without worries was rather liberating at first. The next day she's back to herself. That's my monkey. We recover and we move on.
Epic traffic and urban decay: We've ridden public transport in 8 cities so far this trip. And Rome's roads and Metro are a tangled mess with worn infrastructure.  Here the traffic was so bad all  passengers just got off and hoofed it.

In the Netherlands they had to build pathways to accommodate  2 wheelers. Here 2 wheelers learned to improvise and no urban restru…

Florentine Confessions Sept 19-23, 2015

The white and green marble of Sienna's Il Duomo

We Blabla'ed our way from Padua to Florence, Europe's car share service. Sharing a car comes in at half the train costs and a chance to meet someone interesting, maybe. Daphne for example breeds rag doll cats, when she isn't a dental assistant, married to her childhood sweetheart and still only 27. She cruises her German made Opel at 135km an hour, all the way with the same aplomb as though she were brushing her cat. She slows only for the toll which charges her $20 Cdn for an hour on the hwy. After Daphne drops us off at he end of the tram line the first person we meet in Florence turns how to be a hired gun tour guide. She was scurrying home after an out of town gig. Speaking impeccable English, she described herself as a Florentine through and through but for her sanity, had to leave every winter for New York. There she revels in the American can do spirit whereas Italians are incredible whiners and complainers, resting …