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Animals In A Zoo: Mandalay, Monywa, Bagan Nov 20-dec 2, 2015

Mandalay and area  U Bein Bridge, Mandalay
Longest teak bridge in the if the world was filled with teak bridges
Stuck in the dustbowl town ( they all are) of Moanywa, I scraped bottom. In retrospect going from Japan to Myanmar, and glued to your wingman 24/7 to solo was a leap I didn't expect. Nothing tests your capacity for loneliness and solo travel like being ill. Nothing plays with your mind quite like shivering in an airless concrete cell within a concrete echo chamber that dares to call itself a hotel. All this while the full blast of the street din carpet bombs your head. You ruminate about malaria. Dengue fever. Yellow fever. You wonder if you've fired your last six shots. Fortunately the hotel's wifi was good enough for me to research symptoms of each and I was confident Trish would not be widowed. Before long I got the melodrama out of the way and was back on my feet but spooked just enough to blow off a trip to the remote, malaria zoned Mrauck U. That…