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Mexico's Due January 15-23, 2016

Before the purgatory of work, it's great to be on the road again, even if only for a month. This time my trusty wingman Trish is back in the saddle, joined for a few days with long haul loner Marc Brown in his annual escape from the real cold.

For those who think of Mexico either as a hotbed of crime and drugs or beach resorts,..,.well that's like seeing Canada only as hockey and cold.

Yea it also gets cold in Mexico, maybe not minus 20 but an unheated room in the hills at12 degrees is pretty chilly. The great white, long haul loner can attest to that.

For 20,000 years, millions of monarch butterflies have migrated to an area a few hours drive and a few hours on horse and hike west of Mexico City.

We had hoped to see clouds of the orange and black critters. Instead most of them were dormant in their camouflaged grey, stuck onto trees. This was rather disappointing, a veritable Devil's Elbow.
Trish was so bummed out at the critters' inactivity she threw sticks at them.…